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Emilio Estevez on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour Podcast
John Kelly looks like he's over Trump
"We make KidS disappear" - Bay Area billboard vandalized to protest ICE
Melania wears "I don't really care" jacket on her way to separated kids
There's nothing inhumane about chain link fences. - GOP Senate...
BAD LIP READING: Trump-Kim Summit... With Bonus FRITTATA After-party
Kirstjen Nielson looks super sad after Trump ends family separations
"Donald Trump: Full-scale asset of the Kremlin" - Malcolm Nance
"womp womp": Corey Lewandowski on girl w/ Down syndrome taken...
Celebs Helping Families Separated at Border
Trump hugged the flag, again
"You're a parent!" Reporter to Sarah Sanders on border family...


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