Twitter Users Select Hunger Game Districts For The U.S.

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition Grand Opening Event At MGM Grand In Las Vegas

With the shelter in place order and most of the United States infected, twitter users are now getting ready for the "Hunger Games".

In the Hunger Games series, the post-apocalyptic world of Panem is built with 13 districts. Each district in Panem is responsible for a specific source that keeps their world and economy going. Twitter users put out a map showing where the 13 districts would take place in the US.

Here are what each district is known for:

  • District 1: Known to be the wealthiest citizens and produce luxurious items. Tributes from District 1 trained for years before competing in the Hunger Games.
  • District 2: Also home to wealthy citizens, they are known for weapon manufacturing.
  • District 3: People in this district produce electronics.
  • District 4: They specialized in the fishing industry. Their tributes also trained at very early age to prepare for the Games.
  • District 5: Responsible for the electricity that powered all of Panem.
  • District 6: This district is responsible for transportation throughout Panem
  • District 7: Supplied Panem with lumber. The area is mostly surrounded by trees.
  • District 8: Textile industry is their specialty, creating clothes for Panem
  • District 9: Known for grain production
  • District 10: Raised the animals that supplied the meat for the capitol
  • District 11: One of the poor districts, known to produce the agriculture for Panem
  • District 12: The poorest district responsible for coal mining.
  • District 13: An independent district known for mining graphite and its nuclear technology.

After knowing what each district is, do you think the map is accurate? The bay area would be part of District 1!


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