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Polling shows one-third of Americans think wearing blackface is fine for Halloween. A new Muslim Congresswoman stokes the Muslim-Jewish divide. The culture wars are raging. Are there teachable moments here? 


And, in Virginia, we have the #MeToo Movement added in for extra thought-provocation and consciousness-raising.

The government may shut down again this week. Due to that #RacistMonument again. No kidding.

The Republican tax cuts for the rich and big business are now showing themselves to many Americans. And they are unhappy! Plus, farmers are being devastated by the tariffs and trade wars of you-know-who. Will they keep sticking with him?

We have gotten used to the Roman Catholic Church being involved in pedophile and other sex scandals. Now, it's a different church - one much more familiar to Republicans and Southerners.

- Norman Goldman

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