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We start with the law, as #BenedictDonald apparently told his lawyer to lie to Congress, while under oath! Let's learn about "subornation of perjury" today! I have the best words! Believe me! And, does this change the #Impeachment calculation?

As the #TrumpShutdown rumbles through day 28, we ask where is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell? He seems to be hiding!

As both a distraction and a desperate search for the vapid pageantry he craves so much, #DimbulbDonald has now scheduled a second summit with North Korean animal Kim Jong-un. He's not a person, he's an animal. #BenedictDonald is being played for a big sucker! And so are we!

The so-called 'March for Life' takes place on this Friday, so, why no marching against guns? Aren't we trying to protect the babies? Why doesn't life continue after birth?

Puerto Rico would have lost a lot of money to Texas and Florida if a certain guy had his way - guess who we're discussing?

- Norman Goldman

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