The Trump Shutdown, Kamala Harris, Racism and more...

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We are about to set a bad record: The longest government shutdown in U.S. history. And, a lot of damage is being done. The military is about to be dragged into the political debate with orders to build some sort of wall - the firestorm will be fierce.

Republican racism is being confronted the one Republican black Senator - from South Carolina! And, a fellow Republican Congressman is the focus! Do you know Steve King? Do you know Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? She's reintroduced #TaxFairness into the debate!

Senior Legal Analyst time is untraditional today, but we live in untraditional times! Also, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is running for president. Is that untraditional now?

TGIF but that means we look at guns and the #Empire and Syria is back in the news - the deep state is losing!

- Norman Goldman

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