The Shutdown, Mitt Romney, Democratic In-fighting and more

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It's our first live show of the year, so let's catch up and see where we are this Wednesday! One part of catching up is seeing something big and nasty that #BenedictDonald did in the Christmas season - it's class warfare and more!

#WhoIsAChristian is again presented with the issue of tear gas fired on migrants at the border. Is this what Jesus had in mind?

Remember Mitt Romney? He's back! A new Senator from Utah! Forget Massachusetts! Utah! And, Mittens is making trouble already! For #CriminalDonald! This has sparked the new and updated #RepublicanCivilWar2019! 

And, with Nancy Pelosi about to take the helm of the House tomorrow, #DemocraticCivilWar2019 is hot and fresh for the New Year as well!

- Norman Goldman

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