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Senior Legal Analyst time is pervasive today - I have the best words! From that fraudulent Trump so-called "charity" to Roger Stone settling a suit where he admitted to lying, it's a law fest! But the capper is the #Flynn sentencing - or non-sentencing, as it turned out! And, is it treason?

The 2016 Russian cyber invasion was far broader, deeper and longer than we had known. And, African-Americans were a "special" target. The wall is a special project of #BenedictDonald, and would you be surprised if I told you he was backing down on the government shutdown that he threatened, over that wall?

Climate change is no longer in dispute amongst "the American people" - except for one group. Guess who? And, guess which iconic American name brand is in bankruptcy but still rigging, fixing and fleecing the system? Did you say 'Sears?'

- Norman Goldman

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