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Today's big news broke into the open live on TV! #BenedictDonald got into an argument with 'Chuck and Nancy' and the rest was viral history! It's about the wall that Mexico was paying for, a government shutdown over the wall and finally, someone is taking #PersonalResponsibility! #CriminalDonald?!?! By the way, guess who is still looking for a Chief of Staff?

Pelosi, Schumer tag team Trump - Thumbnail Image

Pelosi, Schumer tag team Trump

Russian spy Maria Butina may be pulling a Paul Manafort, or she may not. But, either way, she is big news in #Russiagate! And the NRA appears to be in more trouble as a result!

Senior Legal Analyst time involves the Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood, and the politics of both abortion and the Court.

Climate change is hitting very big and very bad in the Arctic. And, the Brexit looks to be falling hard. Also, in death, Jamal Khashoggi is part of the 'Guardians of Truth' also known as, Time's Person of the Year, along with other journalists.

- Norman Goldman

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