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It's Columbus Day and we are live today - not a holiday for us! And, how do you "discover" an occupied place? Anyway, over the weekend, Brett Kavanaugh was jammed onto the Supreme Court and Mitch McConnell said this would all "blow over." Is he right? The politics of the Court and the staying power of Democrats - what does the future hold?


Previously non-political, Taylor Swift has entered the filed of partisan battle and we need the help! Also, government's power was shown with the deaths of 20 people in a limo accident in upstate New York this weekend. Did you see how? It is, sadly, a trick question.

There's new pre-election polling out and guess what it reports? Good news for Democrats, and haven't we heard that before?

And, the New York Times appears to not be done with examining the taxes and tax situations of #BenedictDonald. I can't wait!

- Norman Goldman

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