#BenedictDonald, a new flipper, a departing Senator and North Korea

Today on the show, justice is served on #BenedictDonald, a very consequential week, a new flipper, a departing Senator, North Korea, the #MeToo Movement, a narrow Ohio contest that was fought in the margins, guns, the #AmericanEmpire and #FamilyValues.

In a week of major consequence, the walls are crumbling around #CriminalDonald. Where is this leading? We have the latest, including a crucial new flip - today - by a key insider! And, sad news that we knew was coming: Senator John McCain is entering the last phase of his life, as he has ended his cancer treatments.

Remember the separated kids, abducted from their parents at the border? There are still hundreds separated. Is this #FamilyValues?

The so-called Secretary of State was told to cancel his upcoming trip to North Korea because #BenedictDonald realized the attention would embarrass him. And, a former CDC Chief did more than embarrass himself when he was charged with sex abuse and forcible touching. The #MeToo Movement is not slowing down!

It's Friday, so we take stock of the #Empire and look at the toll of guns. Bad news on both fronts, as always, sadly.

An Ohio special election for Congress was decided by 1,680 votes. Out of about 211,000 cast. These contests are fought in the margins!

On Beyond The Norm, the judge in the recent Manafort trial needed them. Movies are made about them. Just who are the U.S. Marshals?

Fierce independence requires asking simple, basic questions - and then getting answers! This is our way, here, at the home of fierce independence - The Norman Goldman Show!

- Norman Goldman

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