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Rudy Giuliani said some dumb things this weekend, but they show something real and sinister. The truth is the casualty.


Senior Legal Analyst time returns with reports that former #BenedictDonald fixer/lawyer Michael Cohen is about to be charged with serious crimes! Also, we are babysitting the Manafort jury and White House Counsel Don McGahn has apparently spilled the beans to the Special Counsel about #CriminalDonald - and #Trump is very unhappy!

#Russiagate remains hot with you-know-who now wanting to fire the last person working at the Justice Department who was involved in the Russia investigation pre-election, and can back up Comey in some of the obstruction of justice charges.

The Pope is speaking out on the latest sexual abuse allegations in his Church, but the voices demanding action are getting louder. And, one of the originators of the #MeToo Movement is herself now accused of doing the exact same thing. Hypocrisy? Other things? #OneStandardAppliedToAllEvenhandedly?

- Norman Goldman

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"Speaks perfect English" - Trump introducing border patrol agent
"Speaks perfect English" - Trump introducing border patrol agent
Trump invited a border patrol agent up to the podium and joked that the agent "Speaks perfect English."

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