Primaries, Special Elections, Tariffs and more

Our word of the day ("impatience") is tied to the primary results from last night. Both sides have evidence of purity police attacks, and it looks like the civil wars in both parties will continue for the foreseeable future. And, the primary results show much more than just the purity police playing in tight margins.

Separately, labor unions won a gigantic victory in Missouri last night. 'Right to work for peanuts' got repealed overwhelmingly by popular vote!

Senior Legal Analyst time begins each of the first two hours; we start with an indictment against a sitting Republican Congressman for insider trading. He's showing how to #DrainTheSwamp. This is how to #MAGA, right? Then, in the second hour, we look at another consequential day in the Paul Manafort #Russiagate trial!

China has imposed new retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods after #BenedictDonald announced a final list of $16 billion in new tariffs on Chinese imports. This is on top of many billions of other imports and the trade war is on!

- Norman Goldman

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Ohio Spoiler Claims Ancestors Not From Earth

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