Alex Jones, Ohio Special Election, Republican Civil War and more

Ohio Democratic congressional candidate Danny O'Connor is in a close race with Republican challenger Troy Balderson for Ohio's 12th Congressional District which is being decided in today's election.

Senior Legal Analyst time gets us started today, as the Paul Manafort trial is white hot! The scandalous material is flying! But, we have more as well, as #BenedictDonald created a "legal defense fund" to help people and how much has been spent?

Alex Jones is under fire for...doing what he has always done. Why has he been special all these years (in terms of distribution) and our side has not? I see bias - very deep bias. This gets us to "left versus right" and definitions matter!

There are primaries today - one is very interesting in Kansas - and a special election in Ohio has everyone talking! That includes us! If it goes as we hope - #RepublicanCivilWar2018 continues!

#Trump advisor Steven Miller has a new immigration crackdown planned. Want to hear details? Me neither, but we have to!

 - Norman Goldman

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