Manafort, Guns, North Korea and more

We start with the Paul Manafort trial and thus Senior Legal Analyst time gets us going! Also, #Russiagate is not far behind, with Facebook seeing #Putin intervening, again.

A series of stories has me scratching my head: White people calling the cops on black people while they're doing routine things. Is this an old practice we've just discovered? Is this new? Who encouraged this?????

#MomsDemandAction is doing excellent things on #GunSafety, and one of those things gets highlighted on the show today!

#BenedictDonald is trying to figure a way to give an extra $100 billion in tax cuts to the rich without Congress! No kidding! And, while that's happening, Little Rocket Man in North Korea, Kim Jong un, continues to live up to his name! #Trump got played!

- Norman Goldman

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