Giuliani, Collusion, Polling and more

Displaying consciousness of guilt, #BenedictDonald has gone crazy - again. Investigating Hillary is great - just don't apply that standard to him! To that end, Rudy Giuliani has been delivering word salads that would make Sarah Palin proud! Of course, much of this regards #Muller and the #Russiagate investigation, which gets us Senior Legal Analyst time today!

Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort's trial begins tomorrow and we'll have a preview! Plus, is there a pardon dangling out there for Manafort? And, to no one's surprise, a self-declared maverick Republican Senator (not John McCain) fell in line again today - on the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

After 17 years bogged down in Afghanistan, the frustration of waiting for action has gotten to #CriminalDonald - he's now pushing for peace talks...and I hope they work! But he makes bad deals....

The latest polling shows bad news for Republicans generally and you-know-who in particular. Is this leading to something good?

- Norman Goldman

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