Norm's at Cannabis Summit, Dick Kay filling in

Today on the show, justice is served by Dick Kay, our friend from Chicago, live from the studios of WCPT in Chicago!

I am off today, but not relaxing! I'm working long hours to hunt up new advertisers and sponsors for our show in San Jose, California, at the National Cannabis Industry Association "Cannabis Business Summit" Convention! The idea is to meet and greet my way around the Exhibition Hall floor, working the booths and the people! This is a special time for cannabis and a great time for us to establish our position as a leader in this industry! And do advertising for it!

So, Dick Kay will have all the latest news and of course, sharp commentary, and I will be back tomorrow, with tales from the cannabis convention and a regular Friday show, where fierce independence is always the norm!

- Norman Goldman

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White House staffer yells at reporters in Oval Office "Let's go" - Thumbnail Image

White House staffer yells at reporters in Oval Office "Let's go"

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