Democratic Civil War, Manafort, NRA-Russia collusion, and more

Today on the show, justice is served on #DemocraticCivilWar2018, Senior Legal Analyst time, terriers and bariffs everywhere, #WasteFraudAndAbuse, and the #NRA.

Our friend Alex Seitz-Wald has written a terrific article about the three wings of the Democratic Party. They are at war. We need to figure out how to end the war. Along those lines, are you aware that Republicans intentionally provoke "liberals?" There's even a name for it: "owning the libs." We have work to do!

The tariffs that #Trump is using to kill American business will now kill the taxpayers, too: BILLIONS in welfare to the losers in the #TrumpTradeWar.

Senior Legal Analyst time is back and how deep is the legal trouble for former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort? He's going on trial next week.

Also, the #NRA remains silent over it's collusion with #Putin. How long will the gun organization remain quiet?

 - Norman Goldman

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