Russiagate, Treasonous Republicans, and more

Today on the show, justice is served on #Russiagate, rigged and fixed elections, treasonous Republicans, Julian Assange and Wikileaks, polling on 'the Summit,' the #NRA and Senior Legal Analyst time!

A lot of #Russiagate news is on the show today, with the Carter Page FISA issue revived - and blowing up in Republicans' faces. Also, the entire Republican Party now has shown itself to be #traitors, #complicit with #Putin to steal our upcoming Congressional elections!

Can it be that Julian Assange's time in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London is soon to end? He's being kicked out? Where will he go? And, polling on the Trump/Putin spectacle is bad for Trump and Putin!

Senior Legal Analyst time is back with more #Russiagate news - Paul Manafort's trial has been moved back a week and is that significant? Is that time for deal making? And, the #NRA seems to have been deeply infiltrated - by #Russia!

- Norman Goldman

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