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Today on the show, justice is served on #BenedictDonald, his latest catastrophe, jumping the shark, Senior Legal Analyst time, the Las Vegas shooting last October, the abducted refugee children, Jared Kushner and insatiable greed.

There are no #SafeSpaces for #CriminalDonald today. He came back to a tsunami of condemnation - and then made it worse, today. The latest disaster starts us off. But, has #DonaldTrumpWhoIsAPerv finally jumped the shark? The Access Hollywood tape didn't do it, many other things didn't do it, will this?

We have a lot of Senior Legal Analyst time; one part involves the owner of the hotel (MGM Resorts) where last year's mass shooting happened, suing the victims in Las Vegas. No kidding. Why? The case of the kidnapped refugee kids is back in federal court in San Diego. The judge is making more rulings and #Trump isn't going to like them!

Jared Kushner is doing a nasty, illegal gangster-style practice to try to make millions more. Insatiable greed runs in the family. It practically gallops.

- Norman Goldman

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Trump backtracks summit comments... sort of - Thumbnail Image

Trump backtracks summit comments... sort of

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