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Today on the show, justice is served on #BenedictDonald, #treason, 'the Summit,' Mr. Putin, good and surprising Senior Legal Analyst time, terriers and bariffs everywhere, draining the swamp and more police abuse of African Americans.

The performance today by #BenedictDonald in Helsinki has many people thinking of Tommy Lasorda - their opinion of his performance is unprintable! A former CIA Chief even called it treason. No kidding. Of course, Mr. Putin is having the time of his life - he owns the President of the United States. Let that sink in.

Trump tweets he has "GREAT confidence" in his intelligence people - Thumbnail Image

Trump tweets he has "GREAT confidence" in his intelligence people

Good and surprising Senior Legal Analyst time has to be part of the show today, since the FCC is about to kill the Sinclair deal for the Tribune TV stations. Christmas in July?!?! Who knew?!

While kissing Mr. Putin's derriere (I have the best words) #CriminalDonald also spat in the faces of our closest allies - calling the European Union a "foe" in trade!

#Trump lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen may have delivered more value for his insider lobbying money than first thought and a Florida police chief had an amazing arrest record for crimes. Guess how?

- Norman Goldman

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