The Norman Goldman Show

The Norman Goldman Show

Norm was an orphan at an early age. Born poor, he spent six years in group homes after his Dad died when Norm was 11 - his Mom died three days after Norm turned 5. Going to free public college and getting government help through Social Security, Norm exemplifies the "hand up, not hand out" attitude that has made America what it is.

Norman has been providing insightful legal analysis for MSNBC and the Ed Schultz Show. With his own show, Norman brings his signature clarity, wit and wisdom to the issues of the day. He also gives you a chance to talk back as he takes your calls.

Norman Goldman is a lawyer. Hey, wait, come back! Yeah, he knows all that legalese ipso facto habeas corpus stuff. Better yet, he knows how to make sense of it all. Day after day, on issue after issue, Norm brings it all into focus. What matters, why it matters, and why it matters to you.



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