Trump Versus Pelosi, Face-Saving Shutdown Exits and an ISS Video Call


Who talks like that..? It's like someone pulls a string on the back of his head, winding him up, and he can't stop saying words until the plastic ring hits him in the back of the head.  

"...the middle of Washington, in a very very spectacular building in a beautiful room that we should be in and that's where it's been. *SNIFF*"

On the latest episode of The Dumpster Fire, we look at how Trump dealt with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and how the State of the Union would be delivered amidst the Shutdown.

We also came up with some ways Trump could get out of the Shutdown, if that's what he actually wants, and save face (with his base, because that ship has already sailed with 64% of Americans).

And, from the soon-to-be-released book by one of Trump's former communications officials Cliff Sims Team of Vipers, even a video call with the International Space Station became a dumpster fire.


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The Dumpster Fire


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