Rick Ungar Show

Rick Ungar Show

Rick Ungar is the host of the new nationally syndicated “The Rick Ungar Show.” He previously hosted popular daily podcast, “The Pod Complex,” and the long-running radio program “Steele & Ungar” on the Sirius XM POTUS channel. He additionally serves as the widely read senior contributor on politics and health care policy at Forbes.com and is a frequent political analyst on Fox News. 

What makes Ungar’s choice of media outlets unusual is that he is generally identified as a progressive working within the very bastions of conservative media. Rick is known for his ability to communicate topics in a way that makes complicated issues less frightening and more accessible to an audience. His reputation for tolerating no BS from either side of the political spectrum has made him a frequently quoted writer in publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal to The Atlantic, along with the many other national publications that frequently report Ungar’s perspectives on the issues of the day. 

Ungar comes to the world of political and health policy commentary with an unusual background, having spent many years in the entertainment industry as both an executive and creative writer/producer. Rick served as the president of the Marvel Character Group where he enjoyed the role of being one of Spider-man’s ‘bosses’ while placing words in the mouths of some of the most beloved animated characters in the world. He has additionally put some of television’s most enduring shows on the air, including the long-running “Access Hollywood”.



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