Pelosi - "I'm not for a wall. I'm not for a wall. I'm not for a wall."

During her weekly news conference, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was asked about Republicans bringing up a comment she made when asked if she'd spend one dollar to fund Trump's border wall so the government could reopen and she said yes, jokingly as it is a ridiculous hypothetical.

She begins her response with, "It's a silly question," but then checks herself (because that's what Trump says when he doesn't like a question) and focuses on Republicans:

"That's a silly comment on the part of the Republicans; they're desperate. They know we have to open up government."

On her one dollar comment:

"That's no the point, they know that's not the point, so let's not glorify a silly question on their part."

On if she needs to show more willingness to negotiate, she leans in:

"I'm not for a wall. I'm not for a wall. (mouths for effect) I'm not for a wall."

Trump's petty response to Pelosi's SOTU letter
Trump's petty response to Pelosi's SOTU letter
In an obvious response to Speaker Nancy Pelosi's letter about postponing the State of the Union until after the shutdown for security reasons, Trump takes away her travel.

Here's the one dollar comment they're talking about.


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