Hunter Shot Deputy While Setting Up Illegal Duck Blind On Private Property

Texas police are searching for a man who opened fire on a deputy who was sent to investigate a trespassing call on private property near Fort Worth. The deputy, who has not been identified, approached a duck blind, which was built illegally when a person dressed in all black fired at him.

"The angle of the bullet tells me the guy was right above him and he didn't know it. I'm thinking this guy might have been in that blind and then saw the officer coming on the property and scurried up that tree. The scary part of this is it is over misdemeanor trespassing. Now we have attempted murder. That is scary, very scary," Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said.

The officer was struck in the foot and taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. The suspect fled on foot and managed to escape capture.

Fowler said that authorities have cordoned off the area around the property and are continuing to search for the shooter. They have no released a description of the man or said what kind of gun he used. 

There are multiple rewards being offered for any information that leads to an arrest. 

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